We are experiencing a turning point in our relationship to books. More than any other genre, poetry can show how digital technology can be an opportunity for a stronger relationship in its embodiment– and nostalgia for traditional reading is part of this development.

Supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNFS) Agora funding scheme, and developed by the University of Lausanne, the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), and the School of Management and Engineering Vaud (HEIG-VD), the project will bring together academic, cultural, and scientific institutions to set up an exhibition highlighting the interaction between poetry and technology in the digital age. By reconsidering our relationship to – and beyond – books, these institutions will work together to show how new technologies can map out a territory, create new immersive experiences, and a fresh view on poetry. This exhibition will also be an opportunity to explore the new spaces dedicated to temporary exhibitions in Morges Castle. An alliance between cutting-edge science and a link to the general public in western Lausanne.