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In what ways is Western Switzerland not simply a literary “periphery”, but a major hub for world poetry? How do its heritage, its network of actors, and its innovation align with the other big cities or regions of the world?

Compared to the world’s megapolises, Western Switzerland could seem like a “periphery” of poetry, a place firmly destined to remaining “provincial”. Elsewhere and otherwise, poet W. H. Auden wondered if poetry was not “the most provincial of the arts”. Far from the industrial models of books inherited in the 19th century, which consolidated literature in the capitals of the colonial empires or great nations, this project highlights the importance of the “territories” developed by cities with universities, powerful cultural institutions, so as to transform these into established, innovative, and globally connected “Poetry Networks”.

This question is addressed in the article (in three languages) on the development of the poetry network, “le développement du réseau Poésie”, forumlecture.ch.