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Le Poème et le territoire invites you to discover the poetic world heritage of Western Switzerland through literary walks. From the Valais to Geneva, from Lausanne to the Jura, via Fribourg, Neuchâtel or the Riviera, some twenty itineraries follow in the footsteps of poets past and present, revealing a novel literary geography of this area.

Western Switzerland is a global territory of poetry

Hugo, Lamartine, Byron, Wordsworth, Rilke, Hardy, and Borges are among the greats in world literature who – during their European peregrinations – sought, and found, the sublime in looking out over the lake, mountains, castles, vineyards, and vast plains of Western Switzerland.

A number of renowned poets were born in the region, namely Blaise Cendrars, Philippe Jaccottet of course, but also Gustave Roud, Anne Perrier, Alexandre Voisard, Corinna Bille, as well as songwriter Jean Villard Gilles. Thus, Western Switzerland created an image for itself, born of the enthusiasm of travellers tracing these poets and seeking to immerse themselves in the same landscapes. A true “lyrical valley”, Western Switzerland is resolutely part of the poetic world heritage. Illustrated with beautiful original drawings by Marco de Francesco, Le Poème et le territoire outlines twenty itineraries following in the footsteps of poets, and includes a selection of text excerpts inviting you read… and wander. 

Le Poème et le territoire is edited by Isabelle Falconnier and Antonio Rodriguez, illustrated by Marco de Francesco, and published by publisher Noir sur Blanc. It features insights from guides Béatrice Bonhomme, Alice Bottarelli, Laurent Cennamo, Sylviane Dupuis, Isabelle Falconnier, Gustavo Guerrero, Doris Jakubec, Christine Le Quellec Cottier, Camille Laura Logoz, Jean-Paul Louis-Lambert, Jérôme Meizoz, Antonio Rodriguez, François Rosset, Patrick Vincent, and Jeanne Wagner.

Visit publisher Noir sur Blanc’s website at: www.leseditionsnoirsurblanc.fr

– 20 itineraries with 20 drawn maps, 27 original illustrations, a rich iconography (photographs, engravings, documents) and an anthology of 120 texts.

– In partnership with the Foundation for the University of Lausanne and the City of Lausanne.

– Upon publication of the book, various events and activities will be offered to the public, in conjunction with Le Printemps de la poésie. Two book launches are scheduled for June of 2019.