Numerous festivals are held throughout the year in the Lyrical Valley. While the Printemps de la poésie constitutes the core of the network, we would like to emphasise the interest and diversity in these festivals highlighting past and present poetic creations, from slam to theatre.

Printemps de la poésie

Western Switzerland has a tremendous Poetry network. Driven by the University of Lausanne, this festival seeks to highlight the energy and influence of an open, diverse, digital, and democratic Switzerland.

1 – 13 April 2019

Ici, c’est le monde entier


  1. Poetry and music: poetry in its expression through music and song – from pop to rap, and classical to contemporary. 
  2. Poetry as a symbol of a globally connected space.

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Salves poétiques

1 – 5 april 2019

Organised by the Association Poésie en Mouvement

Morges, city of poetry. Listen to the bursts of poetry and discover the city differently during the first week of Printemps de la poésie: eight poets and writers including Bruno Doucey, Odile Cornuz and Blaise Hofmann (librettist for the Fête des Vignerons), share their works and their reflections.

Slammer Narcisse will enthral his audience in an astonishing, unclassifiable, and innovative performance to which he alone holds the secret.

Youngsters and musicians will make fire letters dance before you.

A festival organised by the Association Poésie en Mouvement.

The detailed programme can be found at and at

Cellules poétiques

3 – 10 avril 2019

In Martigny, as part of the Cellules poétiques festival, the events organised have a rare warmth about them: gatherings, readings, concerts, screenings, creative workshops, and original artistic creations are set in charming locations, such as the Grange à Émile or the Caves du Manoir.

Celebrate the poet S. Corinna Bille in song, on stage, and in round tables, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of her death. Experience an electro version of Baudelaire, laugh with the show Poesia Comica, listen to Valaisan authors such as Virgile Elias Gehrig, Laure Coutaz, and Anaïs Dorsaz… or Quebec poets who’ve travelled across the Atlantic to share their universe.

A symphony of languages, close or far-flung creativity, participate in this creative drive and discover past, current, and emerging poets. Find the full programme at and at

Slam festival of Lausanne

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24 – 26 mai 2019

Organised by the SLAAM (Société Lausannoise des Amatrices et Amateurs de Mots)

In slam, original texts are recited, chanted, sung, or played on open or defined themes.

For the fifth consecutive year, the Festival de Slam de Lausanne will highlight this poetic and oratorical art through performances by Swiss and foreign artists.

On the programme: free skits, workshops, shows, a junior tournament, and the famous “Par Mots et Par Vaud” tournament for a face-off between teams of poets.

Feature:Toi tu te tais”, a show by Western artist Narcisse, skilfully blending poetry, music, and video.

Full programme on

Poésie en arrosoir festival

5 – 14 juillet 2019

Organised by l’Association Poésie en arrosoir.

Prepare for powerful experiences and striking contrasts… In a bucolic setting in the stunning Val-de-Ruz (NE) countryside, renowned slammer and rapper Abd Al Malik will be opening the 17th Poésie en arrosoir festival. He will be presenting his new show, “Le Jeune Noir à l’épée” created with Burkinabe choreographer Salia Sanou and produced for the exhibition “Le modèle Noir de Géricault à Matisse” being held at the end of March at the Musée d’Orsay!

This will be followed by a 10-day programme featuring prestigious international and Swiss artists, including Queen Ka – the talented Quebecoise artist of the spoken word; the Compagnie de l’Ovale with Frida Jambe de Bois, as well as Manon Pierrehumbert and her trilogy dedicated to the poetry of Agota Kristof. In each their own way, they will be staging and performing poetry – the very feature of this one-of-a-kind poetry festival.

Programme and information available at