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Poetry and education

Poetry can serve as an opportunity to reflect on teaching practices. Whether a source of surprise or wonderment, of the relationship with the voice or the body more broadly, of attention to language or the deployment of a multimedia universe, poetry today should no longer be a subject which is reserved only for certain insiders, or which is boring in the classroom. Poetry is everywhere, in all forms – from rap to contemporary art, from videos to books in bookstores, all in an appealing way. In the Lyrical Valley, students and teachers discuss poetry – the poetry they already love, and the poetry they perhaps have yet to discover.

Likewise, poetry is an exceptional teaching lab. Following the Assises de la poésie 2018, the Haute École Pédagogique – Vaud (HEP-Vaud) and the University of Lausanne (UNIL) developed a particularly useful website for research in poetry education: poesie-en-classe.ch. It provides news, as well as information and didactic tools, and enables the sharing of experiences. On a broader scale, these two institutions promote research, experimentation, and the sharing of innovation in the field of education. Defended in December 2018 and co-directed by two professors (UNIL and HEP-Vaud), Mathieu Depeursinge’s recent doctoral thesis “L’éducation poétique par l’illisible. Enquête sur les conditions de la lecture en démocratie”, notably underscored the importance of such a field in poetry criticism.