How, using today’s tools, does one go about creating a device to better share poetic impulse? How can we promote poetic actions from one place that echo those in other cities and areas of the world?

These are challenging times resulting from digital turning points, democratic order, the spread of multimedia communication, the uncertain roles of artists and experts in society, and the valuing of operating within networks. Poetry is emblematic of these changes: the preserve of the elite from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 21st century, it seemed far removed from everyday life, reserved primarily for a particularly well-educated fringe of society that had access to literature and the study of books.

While the challenges of today may be the opportunities of tomorrow, they can also carry risk – if not even self-destruct. We choose to celebrate the ancient past – offering odes, not elegies. With the word “poetry”, we show how it is possible to be rooted in a territory, increasing its nuance and embodiment, while embracing a cultural and interlinguistic globalisation, with all its enriching qualities.

The Lyrical Valley is a way of showing how it is possible to be in a poetic space that is competitive yet respectful of its resources – in an everyday poetry within a territory that is fully cognisant of its heritage, while using the most recent tools. This is the image of a Switzerland that is innovative, artistic, open, uninhibited, and scientific, where life is good and where the whole world is held, poetically.

More than a stage among others for poetry or an association of dynamic actors, Western Switzerland thus becomes a veritable poetic territory spreading its network on the various continents.