From the Printemps de la poésie 2019 to the 2020 event, the Lyrical Valley project is first and foremost a programme that gathers, promotes, and highlights the poetic strengths of a territory, through its heritage, contemporary network, and innovation. Among others, the programme’s many highlights include:

  • 130 poetic events during the Printemps de la poésie (April 1-13)
  • 4 other poetry festivals (Cellules poétiques, Salves poétiques, le Festival de Slam de Lausanne, Poésie en arrosoir)
  • 20 poetic walks in Western Switzerland (Le Poème et le territoire, published by Noir sur Blanc)
  • 2 exhibitions (René Char and Digital Lyric)
  • 100 international criticisms of poetry at the UNIL
  • … All echoing the popular poetic songs of the Fête des Vignerons.

March / April 2019

• 25 March : Ici, c’est le monde entier
Urban action campaign of poetry posters. One simply needs to look around oneself to see the whole world appear.

• 1-13 April: Printemps de la poésie, poetry incubator festival.
130 events, 90 partners, and two on-site festivals, the Salves poétiques in Morges, and the Cellules poétiques in Martigny, at the heart of the festival.

April / May 2019

• Le Poème et le territoire : Literary walks in Western Switzerland (publisher Noir sur Blanc).

Publication of Poésie en vie : Creative writing workshops (publisher L.E.P.).

Publication of nine poetry books with publisher Empreintes for the Salon du livre.

June 2019

The Between-ness of Lyric / L’entre-deux lyrique / Lyrik im Dazwischen, International Conference on Poetry Studies at the University of Lausanne.

René Char exhibition, Fondation Jan Michalski, Montricher.

May / July 2019

Lauslam Festival, organised by the association SLAAM, Lausanne.

Poésie en arrosoir, performance poetry, Cernier.

August / December 2019

Fête des Vignerons, open-air, popular, and Dionysian poetry held in Vevey. 

Encounters between poetry and the performing arts, at Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne.

February / May 2020

Digital Lyric : beyond the book, exhibition at Morges Castle, supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF).