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The poesieromande.ch project is a platform featuring all poetry-related news in Western Switzerland.

Founded in December of 2011, this platform is managed by the French Section of the University of Lausanne. It was revamped in May of 2015 to include virtual Scholars in Residence and to carry out research in poetry. Website consultation is free. The site provides access to poetry-related news in Western Switzerland for all forms of published poetry (excluding self-published) or supported by recognised cultural institutions.

Website objectives

  • Provide non-exhaustive access to poetry productions and events in Western Switzerland
  • Guarantee the visibility of poetry activities
  • Serve as a reference site for the  press
  • List the events, facilitating research and knowledge
  • Host writer residencies
  • Carry out poetry surveys

Available resources

  • Information on poetry in Western Switzerland
  • The promotion of poetry-related events
  • Complimentary access to archives
  • Encourage the creation of modern poetry in Western Switzerland

How the site works

The work consists mainly in verifying the sources and the information prior to publication, selecting residents, and launching surveys among poets. Sources are responsible for the texts. The website is updated at least twice per week.

The website guarantees the independence of information

The team guarantees the impartiality of information so as to ensure that no group, publisher, or economic interest-group is favoured. The headlines, the “Residencies”, and the “Surveys” are subject to editorial selection, for which the team is solely responsible. The latter will ensure the equal representation of the various poetic practices in Western Switzerland.